Friday, October 16, 2020

Dundas/Foster marriage

 _. The marriage took place, 16 October, 2020, at The Orangery, Holland Park, London, between David Lawrence Charles Dundas [born 2 May, 1989], scion of the Marquesses of Zetland, son of James Frederick Trevor [Jamie] Dundas [born 4 Nov, 1950], of London, by his wife the former Jennifer Ann Daukes [born 1947], & Kelley L. Foster, daughter of Mr & Mrs Raymond Foster, of Vermont, USA.

David Dundas is a grandson of Group Capt Sir Hugh Spencer L'Isle Dundas [1920-95], by his wife the Hon Enid Rosamond Lawrence, daughter of the 3rd Baron Trevethin [& 1st Baron Oaksey] [1880-1971], the 20th century judge who presided over the Nuremberg Trials.

David's Zetland ancestry:-

1st Earl of Zetland -> Hon John Dundas->John Charles Dundas->Frederick Dundas->Sir Hugh Dundas->James Dundas->David Dundas.


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