Monday, October 19, 2020

Hon Lady Morrison 1946-2020

 _. The Hon Lady Morrison, who died 16 October, 2020, aged 74, was the 2nd wife of the Hon Sir Charles Morrison, Conservative MP for Devizes 1964-92.

From 1970 she was chatelaine of the magnificent Madresfield Court, in Malvern Worcestershire, the Lygon family estate. The Madresfield estate has been passed down in the same family since the 12th century [several times through the female line].

She was born 13 Oct, 1946, as Rosalind Elizabeth Lygon, scion of the now extinct Earls Beauchamp, daughter of the Hon Richard Edward Lygon [1916-70], by his wife the former Patricia Janet Norman [1913-2007], scion of that landed family.

She married firstly, 30 March, 1967 [div 1976], Gerald John Ward [1938-2008], stockbroker, landowner, scion of the Earls of Dudley, & a long standing friend of the Prince of Wales, son of Col. Edward John Sutton Ward [1909-90], by his wife the former Margaret Susan Corbett. She married 2ndly, in 1984 [divorced 1999], the Hon Charles Andrew Morrison [1932-2005], scion of the Barons Margadale, the 2nd son of the 1st Baron Margadale [1906-96], by his wife the former Hon Margaret Esther Lucie Smith [1908-80], scion of the Viscounts Hambleden. Charles Morrison was knighted in 1988, and died from cancer, 9 May, 2005.

The Hon Lady Morrison leaves two daughters from her first marriage, Sarah Patricia [born 1968], who married Adrian Scrope [pronounced Scroop], scion of that ancient landed gentry family, and Margaret Lucy, born in 1970, who wed Jonathan Chenevix-Trench, scion of the Barons Ashtown. Lucy now lives at Madresfield Court with her family.


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