Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Twins for Royal House of Hanover

_. Princess Alessandra of Hanover [nee de Osma], wife of HRH Prince Christian Heinrich Clemens Paul Frank Peter Welf Ernst-Wilhelm Friedrich Franz of Hanover [born 1 June, 1985], gave birth to twins, a son, Prince Nikolaus and a daughter Princess Sophie, in Madrid, 7 July, 2020.

Prince Christian is the second son of Prince Ernst-August of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick [born 26 Feb, 1954], by his first wife the former Chantal Hochuli [born 2 June, 1955].

Prince Christian is a step-son of Princess Caroline of Monaco [born 23 Jan, 1957], his father's second wife.

The royal babies are latest descendants of Queen Victoria:

Queen Victoria [1819-1901]
Victoria, Princess Royal [1840-1901]
Wilhelm II, German Emperor [1859-1941]
Victoria Luise of Prussia [1892-1980]
Prince Ernst-August of Hanover [1914-87]
Prince Ernst-August of Hanover [b 1954]
Prince Christian of Hanover [b 1985]
Hanover Twins [born 2020]


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