Friday, July 31, 2020

Scarratt/Knight Bruce engagement

_. The engagement was announced 31 July, 2020, between Mr Luke Peter R. Scarratt [born 1990], eldest son of His Honour Judge Richard J. Scarratt, by his wife the former Sarah May, and Vita June Knight Bruce [born 1992], youngest daughter of Mr Robin Nigel Cleave Knight Bruce by his wife the former Catrina Mary Bell Finlay [born 16 November, 1959], daughter of Sir Graeme Bell Finlay, 1st Baronet [1917-87].

Vita Knight Bruce's maternal grandfather, Graeme Finlay, Conservative MP for Epping 1951-64, was created a baronet in 1964, one of the last such creations [followed by Denis Thatcher over 25 years later].


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