Saturday, July 25, 2020

Dawson/van Oss engagement

_. The engagement was announced 25 July, 2020, between George H. Dawson, son of Mr Geoffrey Dawson, of Ilkley, West Yorkshire, and Mrs Carol Dawson, of Beamsley, North Yorkshire, & Francesca Camilla Van Oss [born 1989], middle daughter of Mark Peter Anthony van Oss [born 10 Apr, 1959], of Rodmarton, Gloucestershire, by his late wife the former Caroline Elizabeth Scoggins [d 30 March, 2018].

Francesca van Oss is a granddaughter of Peter Humphrey Alexander van Oss [1936-2020] by his wife the former Susan Antonia Bazley [born 5 May, 1937], scion of the Bazley baronets. Francesca is descended from the Earls Waldegrave, and from King James II.


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