Saturday, July 25, 2020

Hon Florence Harriet Hives [born 2020]

_. The Lady Hives, wife of Lord Hives, Matthew Peter Hives, the 3rd Baron, gave birth to a daughter, the Hon Florence Harriet Hives, at Jersey, Channel Islands, 13 July, 2020.

Matthew Peter Hives was born 25 May, 1971, son of the Hon Peter Anthony Hives [1921-74], by his wife the former Dinah Wilson-North, and is a grandson of the 1st Baron Hives, CH, MBE [1886-1965].

Matthew Hives succeeded his uncle, 8 Oct, 1997, as 3rd Baron Hives. He married in 2017, Dr Davina Meredith, youngest daughter of Mr David Meredith, of Shinrone, Co Offaly and Mrs Sandra Meredith, of Birr, Co Offaly.


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