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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Pamela Chloe MacCarthy (nee Buxton) 1915-2018

_. (Pamela) Chloe MacCarthy, who died 19 June, 2018, aged 102, was s scion of the Buxton baronets.

She was born Pamela Chloe Buxton, 14 Aug, 1915, daughter of Richard Gurney Buxton (1887-1972) by his wife the former Mary Primrose Ralli (1894-1972), scion of the Ralli baronets; married 1948, Michael Desmond De La Chevallerie MacCarthy (1907-73), son of Sir Charles Otto Desmond MacCarthy (1877-1952), by whom she had issue.

Her sister-in-law was Lady David Cecil.


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