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Friday, June 08, 2018

Crutchley/Sewell engagement

__. The engagement was announced 8 June, 2018, between Arthur Percy Crutchley (born 1986), descended from the Barons Southampton, son of Lt-Cdr William Victor Percy Crutchley (1933-2007), by his second wife, the former Hon Penelope Ann O'Neill (born 1947), scion of the Barons O'Neill, & Rosanna Mary Alice Sewell (born 1988), descended from the Abel Smith landed family & Dukes of Somerset, daughter of Mark Geoffrey Sewell (born 1955), by his wife the former Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Fraser.

Arthur Crutchley is a grandson maternally of the life peer Baron O'Neill of The Maine (1914-90).

The bride-to-be is a kinswoman of the Queen, albeit distantly, in their descent from the banking Smith family.


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