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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Baroness Wilson of Rievaulx 1916-2018

_. The Baroness Wilson of Rievaulx, Mary Wilson, poet, wife of the former prime minister Harold Wilson, died 6 June, 2016, from a stroke, aged 102.

Lady Wilson is the only spouse of any British prime minister to become a centenarian.

She was born Gladys Mary Baldwin, 12 January, 1916, at Diss, Norfolk, the daughter of the Rev Daniel Baldwin, of The Manse, Duxford, Cambridge, and married the then Oxford lecturer, James Harold Wilson in 1940.

Her husband was Labour MP for Ormskirk 1945-50, and then for the Huyton Division of Lancashire, 1950-83, and was Prime Minister 1964-70, and again from 1974-76. He was cr Baron Wilson of Rievaulx in 1983 on leaving the commons. His ancestors hailed from the North Yorkshire village from which he took his title.

She was widowed on 24 May, 1995.

Lady Wilson was the mother of two sons, Robin and Giles.


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