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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Hon Deirdre Barbara Elland Parrot 1928-2018

_. Deirdre Barbara Elland Parrot, who died 5 June, 2018, at Maryland, United States, was a scion of the Barons Savile.

She was born Deirdre Lumley-Savile, in 1928, daughter of the 2nd Baron Savile, KCVO (1853-1931), by his second wife, the former Esme Grace Virginia  Levita (died 18 Jan, 1958); married 21 Oct, 1948, Colonel Kent Kane Parrott, USAF, only son of Kent Kane Parrot, of Santa Barbara, California, and of Mrs Mary O'Hara Alsop, the authoress, of Chevy Chase, Maryland, and had issue.

She was a sister of the late 3rd Baron, and aunt of the 4th holder of the peerage which was cr  27 Oct, 1888.


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