Thursday, December 23, 2021

Robin Mark Le Mesurier [Halliley] 1953-2021

 Robin Mark Le Mesurier Halliley, who died 22 December, 2021, aged 68, was a rock guitarist who played for Sir Rod Stewart, and was son of Harrie Jacques and John Le Mesurier. He was descende3d from the Elton family now represented by the hereditary peer, the Baron Elton.

He was born 22 March, 1953, son of John Halliley [the actor John Le Mesurier] [1912-83], and the actress Josephine Edwina [Hattie] Jacques [1922-80].

He married firstly, 16 Aug, 1980, Robin Robinson. He married 2ndly, Jules _____.


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