Friday, December 31, 2021

Cadogan/Motion engagement

 The engagement was announced 31 December, 2021, beyween the Hon George Edward Charles Diether Cadogan [born 24 September, 1995], scion of the Earls Cadogan, son and heir of Edward Charles Cadogan, styled Viscount Chelsea [born 10 May, 1966], of London, and Katharina Johanna Ingeborg, Viscountess Chelsea [nee Hülsemann], and Davina Rose Motion [born 11 July, 1996], social editor of Tatler, the only daughter of Mr Andrew B. Motion [born circa 1961], of Sandwich, Kent, and his wife the former Celestine M.D. Atkins.

The Hon George Cadogan is a future Earl Cadogan and is heir to the vast Cadogan estates in London. His father is the heir apparent to the 8th Earl Cadogan [born 24 March, 1937].


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