Saturday, December 04, 2021

John Byng Oswald Carleton Paget 1939-2021

 John Byng Oswald Carleton Paget died 3 December, 2021, aged 82.

He was born 29 April, 1939, a scion of an Irish landed gentry family, son of Guy Montgomerie Carleton Paget [1909-1955], and his wife the former Winifred Gwendolyn Marie Paget, scion of that landed gentry family; and married 8 Apr, 1964, Sheila Anne Lowther [born 5 February, 1943], scion of the Lowther baronets, daughter of Hugh Lowther [1912-1976], and his wife the former Sheila Rachel Isabel Foster [who d. 1980], by whom he had three sons, James [born 1966], William [born 1968], and Rory [born 1971].


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