Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Oliver John Diggle 1934-2021

_.Oliver John Diggle died 10 February, 2021, aged 86. He was a son of Lieutenant-Colonel Leonard Wyndham Diggle, MC [1891-1972], and his wife the former Evelyn May Crosland [1897-1989]; married 5 December, 1970, the Hon Horatia Marion Waldegrave [born 1 Aug, 1941], scion of the Barons Radstock, daughter of Commander the Hon John Montagu Granville Waldegrave [1905-44], and his wife the former Lady Hersey Margaret Boyle [1914-93], scion of the Earls of Glasgow.

He leaves a son, John Wyndham Hugh [Jack], born 1974, and two daughters, Rowena [born 1972] and Emma [born 1977].

Royal lineage of Oliver's wife:

James II King of England-->Henrietta FitzJames-->1st Earl Waldegrave-->3rd Earl Waldegrave-->1st Baron Radstock-->2nd Baron Radstock-->3rd Baron Radstock-->5th Baron Radstock-->Cdr John Waldegrave-->Horatia Waldegrave


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