Sunday, February 07, 2021

Grace Lucy Shordiche-Churchward 1918-2021

 _. Grace Lucy Shordiche-Churchward [nee Walkey] died 12 January, 2021. She was 102.

She was born in 1918, a daughter of the Rev James Rowland Walkey, and his wife the former Bijou Paske.

She married 1stly, 1938 [div 1956], John Howard Cordle, MP [1912-2004], son of Ernest William Cordle. She married secondly, in July, 1956, Paul Rycaut de Shordiche Shordiche-Churchward, FRGS [1907-81], late the Coldstream Guards, the explorer, known for his participation in the 1931-1932 expedition to central Brazil to find Colonel Percy Fawcett, son of Brigadier-General Paul Rycaut Stanbury Churchward [1858-1935], of Ridware Hall, Staffordshire, by his wife the former Ooryala Mary Donisthorpe [1868-1932].

From her marriage to John Cordle she had four sons, Anthony [b 1939], Paul [b 1941], Hugh [who died in infancy in 1944] and Charles [1945-99], and a daughter, Roseanne [who died 1970].


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