Monday, February 08, 2021

David Henry Houldsworth [1953- 2021]

 _. David Henry Houdsworth, died 2 February, 2021, at his home in Dallas, Morayshire, aged 67.

He was born in February, 1953, a son of Maj. Ian George Henry Houldsworth, DL [1921-63], of Dallas Lodge, Forres, Morayshire, scion of that landed gentry family of Coltness, and his wife the former Clodagh Murray [born 1928], scion of that landed family of Geanies. 

He married firstly, in 1981 [divorced 1993], Sarah Jane Hogg [born 27 Dec, 1956], daughter of John Goldsborough Hogg, and his wife the former Hon Sarah Edith Noel-Buxton [born 23 Jan, 1928], daughter of the 1st Baron Noel-Buxton [1869-1948].

David Houldsworth leaves a widow, Poppy [nee Scholes], and a daughter, Romilly [born 1997].

His sister, Joanna Clodagh Houldsworth [born 1955], is the Dowager Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair, widow of the 7th Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair [1955-2020].

The Houldsworth have a descent from King Charles II and Nell Gwynn, via their son, the 1st Duke of St Albans..

The 8th Duke of St Albans [1766-1825]-->Lord Charles Beauclerk [1813-61]-->Laura Beauclerk [1849-86]-->Lady Laura Wentworth-Fitzwilliam [1869-1936]-->Katharine Douglas-->Maj Ian Houldsworth [1921-63]-->David Houldsworth [died 2021].


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