Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Freeland/Furness engagement

 _. The engagement was announced 23 February, 2021, between Major Henry Otto Freeland [born 1989], The Queen's Royal Hussars, son of Julian Richard Freeland, of Combe, Oxfordshire, by his wife the former Caroline Mary Webster, and Virginia E.M. Furness [born 1987], scion of the Furness baronets, daughter of John Wilson Furness [born 7 Oct, 1952], of Kirby Knowle, North Yorkshire, and his wife the former Grania Patricia Jane Booth [born 11 March, 1956].

Virginia Furness is a great-granddaughter of Sir Stephen Furness, 1st Baronet [1872-1914], sometime MP for Hartlepool, Chairman of Furness Withy & Co.

Virginia's maternally grandmother is Meryl Guinness, of the banking arm of the brewing dynasty.

Major Freeland's mother, Caroline, married firstly, in 1975, Christopher Thomas Charlton Meyrick [1946-79], scion of the Meyrick baronets. She married Julian Freeland in 1985.


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