Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Rose Amelia Richmond-Watson [born 2022]

Laura Mary Richmond-Watson [nee Innes, born 1987], wife of Mark William Richmond-Watson [born 1987], scion of that landed gentry family, gave birth to a daughter, Rose Amelia, 21 March, 2022, a sister for Wilfred and Eliza.

Mark R-W is a son of Colin Woodrow Richmond-Watson [born 1951], by his wife the former Penelope Cadbury [born 1957], scion of the eponymous chocolate manufacturing landed family.

Laura Richmond-Watson is a daughter of Peter David Innes [born 1952], a descendant of the Barons Westbury, by his wife the former Carolyn Ann Darley Blackwell [born 1956], daughter of Julian Blackwell, by his wife the former Jocelyn D. Wykeham.


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