Thursday, April 21, 2022

Isabella Celeste Holloway [born 2022]

 Annabel Genevieve Holloway [nee Hayday, born 1987], wife of Edward Charles Holloway [born 1986], gave birth to a daughter, Isabella Celeste, 21 March, 2022, a sister for  Charlotte Aurora.

Annabel is a daughter of Terence John Hayday [born 1947] and Susan Pamela Dean [born 1950].

Edward Holloway is a son of Charles Henry Warner Holloway [born 1950], and his wife the former Georgina Alice Rous [born 22 Aug, 1951], scion of the Earls of Stradbroke.

The 3rd Earl of Stradbroke > Maj Hon Nigel Rous > Georgina Rous > Edward Holloway > Isabella Holloway


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