Saturday, April 23, 2022

Cole/de Rohan engagement

 The engagement was announced 23 April, 2022, between Peter H. Cole, son of Mr & Mrs Stephen Cole, of Gosbeck, Suffolk, and Princess Georgia Louise de Rohan [born 1993], elder daughter of Prince Charles Raoul de Rohan [born 1961], of Birley, Herefordshire, and his wife the former Sarah Louise Margerrison [born 1963].

Helene Grafin von Auersperg [1836-97] > Prince Raoul de Rohan [1860-1931] > Prince Charles de Rohan [1894-1965] > Prince Louis de Rohan [1927-1975] > Prince Charles de Rohan [b 1961] > Princess Georgia de Rohan [b 1993]


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