Saturday, April 23, 2022

Keene/Gordon Lennox engagement

 The engagement was announced 23 April, 2022, between Oliver Stephen Keene [born 1993], youngest son of Mr Richard Miles Keene [born 1957] and Mrs Rachel Amanda Keene [born 12 October, 1960, nee Ogilvie Thompson], and Iona Alice Gordon Lennox [born 1993], scion of the Dukes of Richmond & Gordon, eldest daughter of Angus Charles Gordon Lennox [born 4 February, 1964], and his former wife the former Camilla Douglas Pilkington [born 8 May, 1966], scion of that landed family [now wife of the Hon [Ashley] George Ponsonby [born 17 Nov, 1959], scion of the Barons De Mauley.

The 7th Duke of Richmond > Maj Lord Bernard Gordon Lennox > Lt-Gen Sir George Gordon Lennox > Maj-Gen Bernard Gordon Lennox > Angus Gordon Lennox > Iona Gordon Lennox

Oliver Keene's ducal ancestry:-

The 6th Duke of Buccleuch > Lady Katharine Montagu Douglas Scott > The 4th Viscount Hampden > Hon Tessa Brand > Rachel Ogilvie Thompson > Oliver Keene


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