Thursday, May 14, 2020

Mary Dawn Mackenzie Davies 1937-2020

_. Mary Dawn Mackenzie Davies, who died 7 May, 2020, aged 83, was the first wife of the 13th Earl of Seafield.

She was born Mary Dawn Mackenzie Illingworth, 6 January, 1937, daughter of Henry George Coats Illingworth [1908- ] by his wife the former Violet Dawn Gold, and married firstly, 5 October, 1960 [divorced 1971], Ian Derek Francis Ogilvie-Grant, styled Viscount Reidhaven [born 20 March, 1939], son of Derek Herbert Ogilvie-Grant-Studley-Herbert [died 1960], by his wife Nina Caroline Ogilvie-Grant, suo jure Countess of Seafield [1906-1969]. Her husband succeeded his mother, 30 Sept, 1969, as 13th Earl of Seafield.

She married secondly, in 1972, Hugh Francis John Davies [born 1941], head of that landed family, son of Colonel Thomas Francis Davies [b 9 Dec, 1906], Grenadier Guards, by his wife the former Eileen Cynthia Millicent Eva Brougham [1912-84], scion of the Barons Brougham.

She leaves 2 sons from her first marriage, James Andrew Ogilvie-Grant, styled Viscount Reidhaven [born 30 Nov, 1963], and the Hon Alexander Derek Henry Ogilvie-Grant [born 26 Jan, 1966], and a son from the second marriage, Thomas Sebastian H. Davies [born in 1974].


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