Thursday, May 14, 2020

Arlo Finch Bear Maclean [born 2020]

_. Daisy Clementine Maclean [born 1982], wife of Bear Ian Andrew Maclean [born 1980], of the Macleans of Kilmoluaig, & descended from the Earls of Aylesford, gave birth to a son, Arlo Finch Bear, 6 May, 2020, a brother for Harry Bear [born 2016], and for Geordie Finch [born 2018].

Bear Maclean is a son of Angus Nigel Garnet Maclean, 8th of Kilmoluaig [born 1950], by his wife the Lady Sarah Jane Elizabeth Finch-Knightley [1950-2005], daughter of the 11th Earl of Aylesford [1918-2008].


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