Saturday, November 13, 2021

Charles Courtenay Lloyd 1919-2021

 [Charles] Courtenay Lloyd, who died 8 November, 2021, aged 102, was a veteran of the Second World War who later taught Russian to future British spies at what the KGB called 'spy school'. 

He was born at Amington, Staffordshire, 1 May, 1919, son of the Rev John Collins Lloyd and his wife the former Dorothy Gertrude Scull, and educated at Clifton and Selwyn College, Canbridge. An accomplished linguist, he spoke six languages including Norwegian, Russian and French.

He spent a year after WW2 attached to the British Admiralty in Oslo, where he worked for naval disarmament and took part in a mission to supervise the surrender of German forces in Norway.

Courtenay Lloyd married at Henbury, Bristol, 22 Nov, 1953 [Anglican] and in London, 2 January, 1954 [Orthodox], Her Serene Highness Princess Helene Lieven [1921-99], the third daughter of Prince Andrej Lieven and his wife the former Sophie Strachowitsch [1886-1961].

He was a teacher at Bradford Grammar School, West Yorkshire, from 1964 to 1983.

He leaves a daughter, Masha Lloyd [Maria?], and a son George. His obituary was published in the Yorkshire Post, 13 Nov, 2021.


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