Thursday, November 04, 2021

Barber/Philip engagement

 The engagement was announced 4 November, 2021, between Benjamin Charles St John Barber [born 1997], younger son of John William Mackenzie Barber, of Martyr Worthy, Hampshire, and his wife the former Nicola Rosemary St John [born 8 September, 1960], & Georgina Alexandra Corben Philip [born 1998], younger daughter of Mr Simon Philip, of Marden, Kent, and Mrs Alison Philip [nee Whyte], of Offham, Kent.

Benjamin Barber is descended from the Barons St John of Bletso:-

The 15th Baron St John of Bletso [1811-74] > Rev Hon Edmund St John [1848-84] > Edmund St John [1879-1945] > Oliver St John [1927-2005] > Nicola St John [b 1960] > Benjamin Barber [b 1997]


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