Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Prince Andrew Romanov 1923-2021

 Prince Andrew Romanov, who has died aged 98, was the oldest member of the Royal House of Russia. Following the death of his cousin Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, he was the oldest descendant of King Christian IX of Denmark.

He was a great-great grandson in the direct male line of Tsar Nicholas I, and through his great-grandmother, Grand Duchess Xenia [1875-1960], he was a great-grandson of Tsar Alexander III, and the Tsarina Marie Feodorovna.

Prince Andrew was a third cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Alexandra, the Queen's great-grandmother was a sister of the Tsarina Marie Feodorovna. Both were daughters of Christian IX, King of Denmark.

Prince Andrew [Andrei] was born in London 21 January, 1923, son of Prince Andrew Romanov [1897-1981], and his wife Donna Elisabetha Ruffo [1886-1940], widow of Alexander von Friederici. His childhood was spent with his emigre relations at Hampton Court Palace and at Windsor, but he later lived in the United States. He took US citizenship, 20 Dec, 1954.

He married firstly at San Francisco, United States, 9 September, 1951 [div 1959], Elena Dourneva [1927-91]; married 2ndly, also at San Francisco, 21 March, 1961, Kathleen Norris [1935-67], and married 3rdly, at Reno, 17 Dec, 1987, Inez von Bachelin [born 11 October, 1933].

Prince Andrew leaves a son, Prince Alexis [born 1953], from his first marriage, and two sons, Prince Peter [born 1961] and Prince Andrew [born 1963], from his second marriage. He also leaves a granddaughter, Princess Natasha Romanov [born 1993].


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