Friday, November 19, 2021

Annabelle Victoria and Zara Alexandra Micklem [born 2021]

 Lauren Micklem [nee Godwin] wife of Henry James Micklem [born 1993], gave birth to twin daughtes, Annabelle Victoria and Zara Alexandra, 30 October, 2021.

Henry Micklem is a son of Alexander David Robert Micklem [born 11 March, 1965], of Great Waltham, Essex, by his wife the former Jennifer Jane Healy.

Lauren Micklem is the yst daughter of Mr & Mrs David Godwin, of Plazac, France.

Henry Micklem is a grandson of David Robert Micklem, who married 14 Apr, 1956, Sarah Caroline Georgiana Milburn [born 11 Apr, 1935], scion of the Milburn baronets, daughter of Archibald William Milburn [1887-1965], by his wife the former Eleanor Lilias Tufnell [1898-1983], scion of that landed gentry family.


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