Saturday, November 13, 2021

Crawley/Rugge-Price engagement

 The engagement was announced 13 November, 2021, between Aidan Harold Winston Crawley [born 22 October, 1983], son of the late Randall Stafford Crawley [1950-88], and his wife the former Marita Georgina Phillips [born 28 May, 1954] [now Mrs Marita Knight], & Mrs Alice Sophie Keswick [born 22 May, 1985, nee Rugge-Price], former wife of Archibald David Keswick [born 1980], scion of that landed family, and daughter of James Keith Alan [Jamie] Rugge-Price [born 10 Oct, 1944], scion of the Rugge-Price baronets, and his former wife Alexa Crookshank [now Mrs Alexa Vere Nicoll].

Aidan Crawley is descended from the Royal House of Russia, via the Wernher baronets.

Nicholas I, Tsar of Russia > Grand Duke Michael of Russia [d 1909] > Grand Duke Michael of Russia [d 1929] > Anastasia [Zia] de Torby > Georgina Wernher > Marita Phillips > Aidan Crawley


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