Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Hon William Alexander Hugh Napier, Master of Napier 1996-2021

 The Hon William Alexander Hugh Napier, Master of Napier, son and heir of the Lord Napier and Ettrick, died 28 August, 2021, aged 25.

He was born 10 June, 1996, the only son of the 15th Lord Napier of Merchistoun [born 3 Nov, 1962] [Scottish peerage Lord Napier of Merchistoun, cr 1627], and the 6th Baron Ettrick [cr UK, 1872], and his wife the former Zara Jane McCalmont [born 1964], daughter of Hugh Dermot McCalmont, of Newmarket, Suffolk.

He is survived by both parents,  and a sister, the Hon Sophie Eleanor Rose Napier [born 24 May, 1999].

The heir presumptive to the Lordship of Napier of Merchistoun is now Lord Napier's daughter, Sophie, Mistress of Napier. King Charles II in 1680 rewarded the 3rd Lord Napier with a special remainder allowing his peerage to pass to male and female descendants whatsoever. Lord Napier had been a loyal supporter of the Stuart cause and of King Charles I in the English Civil War.

The heir presumptive to the Barony of Ettrick is Lord Napier's younger brother, the Hon Nicholas Napier [born 27 February, 1971].


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