Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Hon Mrs Martin Fortescue [nee Lovell] [died 2021]

 The Hon Mrs Martin Fortescue, who died 25 October, 2021, aged 90, was the widow of the Hon Martin Fortescue, scion of the Earls Fortescue.

She was the former Caroline Lovell, daughter of William Henry Lovell, MC [1890-1937], & his wife the former Dorothy May Hopps [1903-71], & married firstly in 1954, Lieutenant Commander William Henry Paule Loftie, DSC, RN [1919-1976]; she married 2ndly, 18 November, 1994, as his second wife, the Hon Martin Denzil Fortescue [born 5 January, 1924], second son of the 6th Earl Fortescue [1893-1977], and his 1st wife the former Marjorie Ellinor Trotter, OBE [died 1964]. Martin Fortescue died 15 May, 2005.

Mrs Fortescue leaves issue from her first marriage, Charles, Rupert and Madeleine.


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