Monday, November 15, 2021

Carrallo Pendas/Stanbury marriage

 The marriage took place, 11 November, 2021, in Mauritius, between Spanish former footballer Sergio Joss Carrallo Pendas [born 28 September, 1994], and Caroline Alice Stanbury [born 1976], descended from the Barons Vestey.

It is Caroline Stanbury's second marriage. Her first was in 2004, to Cem Habib, by whom she has issue, sons Aaron and Zac, and daughter, Yasmine.

Caroline is a daughter of Anthony David Stanbury, of Lewcombe Manor, East Chelborough, Dorset, and his wife the former Elizabeth Alice Beale [born 1947], daughter of Colonel Basil Perry Beale, OBE, DL [died 1967], and his wife the former Alice Vestey [1918-2017], daughter of the the Hon George Ellis Vestey [1884-1968], and his wife the former Florence Mary Webster [d 1964].

William, 1st Baron Vestey > Hon George Vestey > Alice Vestey >Elizabeth Beale > Caroline Stanbury


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