Monday, October 18, 2021

Susan Elizabeth Blackett 1944-2021

 Susan Blackett [nee Badger], who died 25 August, 2021, aged 77, was the widow of John Blackett, scion of the Blackett baronets.

She was the former Susan Elizabeth Badger, born 4 May, 1944, daughter of Michael William Badger and his wife the former Eleyn Elizabeth Hoskins, and married in 1977, as his second wife, John Beauchamp Blackett [born 6 May, 1939], scion of the Blackett baronets, son of Maj. Christopher William Stewart Burdett Blackett [1908-58], and his wife the former Kathleen Charlotte Williams-Wynn [1910-91].

Her husband died 5 June, 2019. Mrs Blackett leaves a daughter, Flora [born 1978].


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