Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Erskine/Miles engagement

 The engagement was announced 20 October, 2021, between Geordie James Donald Erskine [born 1990], second son of Major James Malcolm Kenneth Erskine [born 22 November, 1957], of Duncrievie, Perthshire, and his wife the former Jennifer MacLellan, and Tess P.H. Miles, only daughter of Mr J.D. Miles, of Tredington, Warwickshire, and Mrs K.V. Miles, of London.

Geordie Erskine is descended paternally from the Lords Cardross [Earls of Buchan], and from the Seymour Marquesses of Hertford, and thus from the Dukes of Somerset.

Francis Seymour, 5th Marquess of Hertford [1812-84] > Lady Horatia Seymour [1842-1922] > Sir Arthur Erskine [1881-1963] > Donald Erskine [1925-2017] > James Erskine [b 1957] > Geordie Erskine [b 1990]


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