Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Baroness Marks of Broughton has died aged 68

_.The Baroness Marks of Broughton died 5 April, 2021. She was 68.

The former Marion Norton, daughter of Peter Norton, married 9 November, 1982, the Hon Simon Richard Marks [born 3 May, 1950], son and heir of the 2nd Baron Marks of Broughton [1920-98], and his first wife the former Ann Catherine Pinto. Her husband, of the Marks & Spencer family, succeeded his father as 3rd Baron, 9 September, 1998.

Lady Marks of Broughton is survived by her husband and a son, the Hon Michael Marks, and three daughters, the Hon Miriam, the Hon Susannah, and the Hon Rebecca Marks.



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