Saturday, May 29, 2021

Prime Minister marries Carrie Symonds

_. The marriage took place, 29 May, 2021, at Westminster Cathedral, between the Rt Hon [Alexander] Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, PC, MP [born 19 June, 1964], Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and descended from the Royal House of Wurttemberg, son of Stanley Patrick Johnson [born 18 Aug, 1940], by his wife the former Charlotte Maria Offlow Fawcett [born May, 1942], & Caroline Louise Bevan [Carrie] Symonds [born 17 March, 1988], illegitimate daughter of Matthew Symonds [born 20 Dec, 1953], by Josephine McAfee.

The bride is a granddaughter of John Cowburn Beavan, Baron Ardwick [1910-94], life peer. It is the prime minister's third marriage.

Boris Johnson is the first prime minister to marry in office since the Earl of Liverpool in 1822, and the only prime minister to have been married three times.


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