Sunday, May 09, 2021

New Chief of the Clan Farquharson of Invercauld

 _.Captain Alwyne Arthur Compton Farquharson, the 16th of Invercauld, has passed the chieftiain’s role to his 40-year-old great nephew Philip Farquharson on 1 May, 2021, his 102nd birthday.

Philip Farquharson was born in 1980 as Philip Compton, scion of the Marquesses of Northampton, son of James Compton [born 30 May, 1953], and his first wife the former Rebecca Wigan [born 1953], scion of the Wigan baronets, daughter of Sir Alan Wigan, 5th Baronet [1913-96].

Philip married in 2006, Lilibeth Violeta Darchart Muñoz, daughter of Pascual Darchart, and his wife Tulia Muñoz. The new 17th Chief of Invercauld is the father of two daughters, Heather [born 27 May, 2007], and Iona [born 19 February, 2013].

Alwyne Farquharson's war veteran’s service was celebrated with the playing of the pipes at a memorial stone at the home of the famous games, which was erected to celebrate his 70th year as chieftain in 2018.

Prior to the pandemic the Farquharson of Invercauld would travel north to Aberdeenshire every year for a number of engagements, including the annual gathering at Braemar, home of Braemar Castle, the seat of Clan Farquharson.

Pipers Lewis Stewart and Craig Mitchell and drummer Callum Mitchell play at the ceremony.

Pipe Major James Cooper from Ballater and District Pipe Band played Invercauld House, the tune traditionally piped for the chieftain’s arrival onto the field on games day at the socially distanced ceremony on Saturday.

It was followed by a short performance by young pipers Lewis Stewart and Craig Mitchell, and drummer Callum Mitchell from the 47th Culter Boys Brigade Pipe Band.

And though this year’s games have been cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic, Scott Fraser, vice-chairman of the Ballater Highland Games, said the ceremony provided a chance for organisers and supporters to raise a glass to both the outgoing and incoming chieftain.

Mr Fraser said: “The fact that he is 102 is remarkable in itself but the fact he has been our chieftain for 73 years and been at the games every year is just amazing.

“Philip will be seeing him tomorrow so he will see the videos of the event, which is very special.”


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