Thursday, January 14, 2021

Patrick Thomas Gordon-Duff-Pennington, OBE 1930-2021

 _. Patrick Thomas Gordon-Duff-Pennington, OBE, of Muncaster Castle, Cumbria died at Nairn, Scotland 9 January, 2021, aged 90.

Mr Gordon-Duff-Pennington was a landowner and renowned hill farmer in Cumbria and in Scotland.

He was born 12 January, 1930, scion of the Duff-Gordon landed family, son of Group Capt George Edward Duff-Gordon [1895-1966], and his 1st wife the former Rosemary Estelle Craven [1906-96], and wasc educated at Eton.

He married 21 June, 1955, Phyllida Rosemary Pennington-Ramsden [1929-2011], scion of the Ramsden baronets, and the addition surname of Pennington was added to the family surname. 

Phyllida was a daughter of Sir Geoffrey Pennington-Ramsden, 7th Baronet [1904-86], and Muncaster Castle came to her via the Ramsden family. The 5th and last Lord Muncaster, died in 1917 and the Muncaster estate passed to his mother’s family, the Ramsdens, who carried out extensive works in the gardens and brought many of their possessions, including the Ramsden family portraits, to Muncaster. In those days the estate still extended to 23,000 acres.

He leaves four daughters, Prunella [born 1956], who married a Gordon;  Anthea [born 1958], later Mrs Osborn-Jones;  Iona [born 1961], who married Peter Frost, who assumed by deed poll the surname Frost-Pennington; and Rowena [born 1963], who married into the Morris-Eyton landed gentry family.


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