Friday, January 01, 2021

Gray Clancey Witherow & Elwood Clancey Witherow [born 11/12/2020]

_. Holly Rebecca Witherow [nee Clancey, born 1988], wife of Samuel Linton Clancey [born 1985], gave birth to twins, Gray Clancey Witherow and Elwood Clancey Witherow, born 11 December, 2020.

Sam Witherow is a son of John Witherow and his wife thr former Sarah Linton.

Holly is a daughter of Christopher John Clancey, and his wife the former Christine Rose Ohlson [born 10 Dec, 1950], scion of the Ohlson baronets, daughter of Sir Eric James Ohlson, 2nd Baronet [1911-1983]


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