Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Freya Emma Birrell [b 1/1/2021]

 _. Isabel Louise Birrell [nee Priestley, born 1988], wife of Edward Charles Stewart Birrell [born 1987], gave birth to a daughter, Freya Emma, 1 January, 2021, a sister for Nina Honor, who was born 6 Dec, 2018.

 Isabel Birrell is a daughter of Richard James Priestley [born 1947], descended from the Pollock baronets, and his wife the former Iona Rosalind Calvocoressi [born 23 Sept, 1957], scion of that landed gentry family, and descended from the Earls of Cassillis.

Edward Birrell is a son of Christopher R.S. Birrell [born 1954], and his wife the former Emma Georgina [Georgie] Breton [born 1956].

Archibald Kennedy, 11th Earl of Cassillis [d 1794]-->Robert Kennedy [1773-1843]-->John Kennedy [d 1745]-->Edward Briggs Kennedy [1842-1914]-->Edward Kennedy [1879-1939]-->Katherine Kennedy [sister of broadcaster Ludovic] [b 1927]-->Iona Calvorocessi [b 1957]-->Isabel Priestley [b 1988]-->Freya Birrell [b 2021]


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