Sunday, January 03, 2021

Annabel Audrey Buchan, MBE [née Buxton] 1938-2020

 _. Annabel Audrey Buchan [née Buxton], who died 16 December, 2020, aged 82, was a scion of the Buxton baronets.

She was born 19 January, 1938, second daughter of Major Desmond Gurney Buxton [1898-1987], and his wife the former Rachel Mary Morse [1906-1994], a descendant of the Haigs of Bemersyide, family of the Earls Haig.

She married 5 Oct, 1979, Iain Francis Wauchope Buchan [died 8 Nov, 2019, aged 83].

Sir Edward Buxton, 2nd Bt [1812-58]-->Samuel Buxton [1838-1909]-->Edward Buxton [1865-1929]-->Desmond Buxton [1898-1987]-->Annabel Buxton [1938-2020]


John Haig [1802-78] father of Field Marshal 1st Earl Haig -->William Haig [1841-84]-->Annabel Haig-->Rachel Morse [1906-94]-->Annabel Buxton [1938-2020]


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