Monday, January 04, 2021

Edward Thomas Carmichael Law [born 20/12/2020]

 _. The Hon Mrs James Law [nee Sophie Louise Anne Hamilton, born 18 Feb 1981], wife of the Hon James Rupert Thomas Law [born 8 March, 1983], scion of the Barons Ellenborough, gave birth to a first son, Edward Thomas Carmichael, 30 December, 2020, a brother for Henrietta Ann Towry, who was born 21 September, 2014.

The Hon James Law is the son and heir of the 9th Baron Ellenborough [born 28 March, 1955].

Sophie Law is a daughter of Stephen Hobbs and the Hon Julia Elizabeth Heather Hamilton [born 15 May, 1956], daughter of the 13th Lord Belhaven & Stenton [1927-2020].


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