Saturday, January 09, 2021

Lowe/Anowar engagement

 __. The engagement was announced 9 January, 2021, between Nicholas Jasper Lowe [born 1994], son of Jeremy Gilson L]owe [born 1956], and his wife the former Theodora Margaret [Thea] Hardy [born 18 February, 1953], & Shenin Anowar, daughter of Asmina Afroz.

Nicholas Lowe is descended from the Spencer Barons Churchill, who in turn descend from the 4th Duke of Marlborough.

4th Duke of Marlborough [1738/9-1817]-->1st Baron Churchill [1779-1845]-->George Spencer [1804-77]-->John Munro-Spencer [1849-1916]-->Almeric Munro-Spencer [1885-1960]-->Synolda Munro-Spencer [1914-2005]-->Thea Hardy [1953- ]-->Nicholas Lowe [1994- ]


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