Friday, January 22, 2021

Guy James McLean Buckley 1936-2021

 _. Guy James McLean Buckley, who died 7 January, 2021, aged 84, was descended from the Barons Chelmsford.

He was born in 1936, son of John McLean Buckley [1903-72], and his wife the former Oonagh Pamela Thesiger [1905-82]. He married in 1968, Elena Rose Deans, daughter of Hamish Holdsworth Deans, of Canterbury, New Zealand, by whom he had two daughters, Virginia and Elizabeth.

Frederick Thesiger, 1st Baron Chelmsford [1794-1878]-->Hon Charles Thesiger [1831-1903]-->George Thesiger [1868-1915]-->Oonagh Thesiger [1905-82]-->Guy Buckley [1936-2021].


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