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Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Yvonne Lady Cochrane has died from injuries sustained in the Beirut explosion

 _. Yvonne Lady Cochrane, who died 31 August, 2020, as a result of injuries sustained in the Beirut explosion, was the widow of Maj Sir Desmond Cochrane, 3rd Baronet. She was 98.

She was born 18 May, 1922, as Yvonne Sursock, daughter of Alfred Bey Sursock, of Beirut, Lebanon, by his wife Donna Maria Theresa Serra di Cassano, the daughter of Francesco Serra, 7th Duke of Cassano.

She married 12 January, 1946, Maj Sir Desmond Oriel Alastair George Weston Cochrane, 3rd Baronet [1918-79], son of Sir Ernest Cochrane, 2nd Baronet [1873-1952], by his wife the former Elsa Dorothea Marie Schumacher [died 1966],  by whom she had issue, three sons and a daughter. Her husband died in Beirut, 12 March, 1979, aged 60. Her eldest son is Sir Henry Cochrane, 4th Bt.

Lady Cochrane's home was Palais Sursock, Rue Sursock, Beirut.


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