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Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Richard Patrick Bingham 1978-2020

_. Richard Patrick Bingham, who died at his home, from cancer, 30 August, 2020, aged 42, was a scion of the Earls of Lucan. He was a great-grandson of the 5th Earl of Lucan [1860-1949], and a cousin of the 7th Earl, who went missing in 1974 following the murder of his children's nanny.

He was born 23 April, 1978, the second son of Peter John Bingham [born 10 June, 1945], by his wife the former Penella Anne Herten-Greaven.

He married in 2011, Rebecca Sarah Niven[Bekky] May, daughter of Geoffrey May by his wife the former Juliette Arthur.


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