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Sunday, September 06, 2020

Carew John Mildmay-White [born 2020]

_. The Hon Suzannah Jane Mildmay-White [nee Fisher, born 1984], wife of Nicholas Henry Mildmay-White [born 1980], gave birth to a son, John Carew, 5 September, 2020, a sister for Ephra Alice [born 2015], and Penrose Elizabeth [born 2017].

The Hon Suzannah Mildmay-White is a daughter of the 4th Baron Fisher [born 1953], by his wife the former Lady [Karen] Kay Jean Carnegie [born 1951], daughter of the 13th Earl of Northesk [1926-1994].

Nicholas Mildmay-White, descended frm the St John-Mildmay baronets, is a son of Richard Francis Bingham Mildmay-White [born 1949], by his wife the former Sara Cleland [born 1952].


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