Saturday, August 15, 2020

Willa Bartlam [born 2020]

 --. Lucinda Anne Bartlam [nee Baring, born 1980], wife of Edward Bartlam, and scion of the Northbrook branch of the Baring dynasty, gave birth to a daughter, Willa, 13 August, 2020, a sister for Violet Lorna [born 24 March, 2011], and for Kit, and the late Alfie Tom Winston [born 25 June, 2012, and who died 29 Aug, 2019, aged 7].

Edward Bartlam is the elder son of Mr & Mrs Tom Bartlam, of Blounce, Hampshire, and Lucinda Bartlam is a daughter of Nigel Baring [born 9 Aug, 1940], of Ardington, Oxfordshire, by his wife the former Jane Finola Byrne.


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