Friday, August 21, 2020

Hon Desmond Walter Guinness 1931-2020

 _. The Hon Desmond Walter Guinness, who has died aged 88, was co-founder of the Irish Georgian Society, and scion of the Barons Moyne. His home was at Leixlip Castle, Co Kildare.

He was born 8 September, 1931, the second son of the 2nd Baron Moyne [1905-1992], by his 1st wife, the Hon Diana Freeman-Mitford [1910-2003], scion of the Barons Redesdale, one of the famed Mitford sisters, third of the six daughters of the 2nd Baron Redesdale [1878-1958].

Desmond Guinness married firstly, 3 July, 1954 [divorced 1981] Hermione Marie-Gabrielle Petronella Sophia Devota Florestine, Princess von Urach [1932-89], known as 'Mariga', daughter of Albrecht Eberhard Karl Gero-Maria Prince von Urach [1903-69], by his first wife the former Rosemary Blackadder [1901-75]. He married 2ndly, in 1985, Penelope 'Penny' Cuthbertson, daughter of Graham Cuthbertson.

He leaves issue from his first marriage, Patrick Desmond Carl-Alexander, who was born 1 Aug 1956, and a daughter, Marina, born 16 Aug, 1957. 

His granddaughter is Jasmine Leonora Guinness [born 28 Sept, 1976], the designer and fashion model.


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