Monday, August 10, 2020

Hon Mrs Robin Warrender 1931-2020

 _. The Hon Mrs Robin Warrender, who died 27 July, 2020. She was the widow of the Hon Robin Warrender, scion of the Barons Bruntisfield.

She was born in 1931 as Gillian Elizabeth Rossiter, daughter of Leonard Lewis Rossiter [1893-1984], of Aldworth, Berkshire, by his wife the former Elsie Rose Oppenheimer [1896-1987], scion of the Oppenheimer baronets; and married 16 Oct, 1951, the Hon Robin Hugh Warrender [1927-2004], a son of the 1st Baron Bruntisfield [1899-1983], by his 1st wife the former Dorothy Etta Rawson, scion of that landed gentry family, by whom she had a son, Hugh Mark Warrender [born 19 Feb, 1968], and two daughters, Carolyn [born 19 June, 1953], and Annabel [born 17 Jan, 1956].

She was widowed, 6 Apr, 2004.


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