Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Brian Mark Whitlock-Blundell 1922-2020

 _. Brian Mark Whitlock-Blundell, of Crosby Hall, Little Crosby, Merseyside, died 19 August, 2020. He was 97.

He was born in 1922, at Battle, Sussex, as Brian Mark Whitlock, second son of Mark Kingsley Whitlock, of Braziers Farm, Chipperfield, Hertfordshire, and married 26 January, 1950, Hester Mary Blundell [1928-2001], daughter of Francis Nicholas Blundell [1880-1936], of Crosby Hall, by his wife the former Theresa Victoria Ward.

His wife succeeded as head of the landed gentry family of Blundell, of Crosby Hall, and in consequence of this Mr Whitlock assumed the surname of Whitlock-Blundell by deed poll.

Mr Whitlock-Blundell was the father of eight, sons Mark, Richard, Joseph, Thomas and Christopher, and daughters, Mary, Emma and Monica.


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